This is truly a one of a kind coach.  This Winnebago 40J offers a 1 1/2 bath on the same 40′ chassis as the 40A. It was designed as a show coach for a national industry show and has features not found on other Horizons. We’re the original owners and as Winnebago “insiders” were involved in the building of this coach from conception through driving it out of the factory. This coach was specially built with many of the top former Country Coach craftsmen and engineers involved.

Our 40J has been featured in Winnebago’s advertising. The above photo on Winnebago’s
website is our coach in its winter home on our lot at Outdoor Resort Indio (California).

When Winnebago launched the Horizon it won the industry’s RV of the Year Award (I was responsible for the product launch of both the Horizon and Revel).

A 40A at Mile High Stadium in Denver prior to the official product launch.

Sadly, Winnebago cancelled the Horizon program in early 2019.  While the industry-leading design had proven to attract buyers, Winnebago made two key decisions that weighed heavily on the program.  The first was moving manufacturing to the former Country Coach facility in Junction City, Oregon.  This led to expensive supply chain issues and slow manufacturing ramp up.  The other decision was underpricing the coach due to dealer skepticism that no RV buyers would be interested in such a modern interior (a worry that never materialized).

A diesel pusher under construction in the Junction City, OR factory.

Last year, Winnebago also purchased Newmar.  Prior to the purchase, Newmar had already planned a refresh of their top-of-the-line King Aire which is priced at $1.2+ M.  Even before Winnebago acquired Newmar, the King Aire refresh was well underway — and it’s interior design was inspired by the advanced Euro styling of the Horizon.  Our Horizon has the look (and many of the same features) for a quarter of the King Aire price.